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Blog Tour & Giveaway for Be a Tree by Maria Gianferrari


Bella and I are honored to launch the blog tour for Be a Tree written by Maria Gianferrari and illustrated by Felicita Sala.  This breathtaking picture book celebrating trees was recently released last week on March 30, 2021. Thanks to author Maria Gianferrari and Abrams Book for Young Readers for sending me an electronic copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


Be a tree!
Stand tall.
Stretch your branches to the sun.

These ten words begin Gianferrari’s glorious ode extolling the sheer beauty of one of nature’s gifts and how humans have similar physical characteristics to this earthy treasure.   Trees and humans both have parts such as branches and arms, trunks and spines, bark and skin, and a crown at the top.   Sala’s warm watercolor illustrations gorgeously echo Gianferrari’s lyrical text showing the physical similarities so that even the youngest readers can see the connections.   
The focus shifts from physical features to how we as humans also share common behaviors with trees.  Both trees and humans live together in a community.  Just as trees are linked underground through their roots, people are connected by sharing conversations, food, resources, and information.  
Gianferrari’s admiration and respect for trees is evident, for she beautifully describes their value to both humans and the earth.  Sala’s artwork fill the double page spreads depicting a tree’s grandeur and utility. 
Gianferrari continues to highlight all the benefits of trees, for they serve as animal habitats preserving ecosystems.  The need for community is emphasized for trees that grow away from their natural habitat are at risk; therefore, a forest is vital for support.  A beautiful double page fold out shows how people can learn from trees by helping one another.  In the final page spread, Gianferrari gently reminds us to observe and learn from trees, for by banding together, we can not only be better as individuals but also make the world in which we live a better place. 
Backmatter follows the story to provide information on ways to help save trees and help in your community.  A diagram of a tree and its parts as well as books and websites for further research are also included.  Informative and uplifting, Be a Tree is a must to add to a home, classroom or school library.  Highly recommend! 

Praise for Be a Tree!
“This book has the advantage of lyrical, accessible poetry and vibrant watercolors from an ever changing palette. …Strong heartwood.”-Kirkus

“By foregrounding living beings that exemplify grace, strength, and endurance, Gianferrari gives readers a new way to think about their individual and collective existences.” –Publishers Weekly

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Meet Maria:
Maria Gianferrari has climbed fig trees in Italy, stood under stately coastal redwoods and twisted Torrey pines, marveled at   mitten-shaped sassafras leaves, colorful coral trees and   sawtooth oak acorn nests. She lives with her family, including   dog, Maple, in a house encircled by trees.


Meet Felicita:
Felicita is a self taught illustrator. She graduated in Philosophy from the University of Western Australia. She has worked on several animation projects along with husband Gianluca, but her passion is making picture books. She lives in Rome with Gianluca and their daughter Nina.

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Maria’s sweet pup Maple announces that one lucky winner will receive a copy of Be a Tree courtesy of the publisher. This giveaway is open from April 9-14, 2020 and ends at 10:00 p.m. EST.  
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Be a Tree Blog Tour

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Blog Tour & Giveaway for Julius & Macy: A Very Brave Night by Annlouise Mahoney


About the Book:
Title: Julius & Macy: A Very Brave Night
Author/Illustrator: Annlouise Mahoney
Pub. Date: April 1, 2021

Beagles and Books is excited to be part of the blog tour for Julius & Macy: A Very Brave Night published by Two Lions/Amazon Publishing. Special thanks to the publisher and Barbara Fisch of Blue Slip Media for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


Each night, Julius, a badger and Macy, a mouse love to play together and greatly enjoy performing heroic deeds. 


Julius wished to protect the forest from anything harmful while Macy wanted to help any small thing in need.  Being a hero takes a lot of energy; therefore, it is important to refuel with snacks.  When Julius and Macy go to fetch their cookies and nuts, they discover an empty wagon.  Julius asserts that the Night Goblin must have taken them and describes him as the worst kind of scary to Macy.  


In order to find their snacks, Julius and Macy must be truly heroic and venture deep into an unknown area of the forest. A noise from inside a cave frightens them. Could it be the Night Goblin?JuliusAndMacyAVeryBraveNight-28609-large-3

Armed with a sword and a fairy wand, the two friends bravely enter the hollow to discover the source of the sound. A huge shadow on the wall startles them and they run away but then realize heroes must stay brave even when they are scared.

Mahoney’s concise, melodic text is a joy to read aloud especially the dialogue between the two friends.  Her warm illustrations are dreamy and luminous.  I love how Julius and Macy collaborate on making stars to hang on the trees to bring the celestial objects closer to them  creating a fanciful setting.   

As a reading specialist, I appreciate that the story has a simple yet engaging plot to teach young children about story structure.  Characters Julius and Macy have a problem, identify steps to solve their problem which ultimately resolves it.   In addition, themes of friendship, bravery, and kindness can be explored.  I especially appreciate that Mahoney teaches children that bravery can take many forms, for Julius and Macy both display courage in their own ways.  

Check out this sweet book trailer!

Take a look at this cute downloadable activity pages:

Praise for Julius & Macy!

Watercolor illustrations further the text’s magical qualities by adding important details, such as the solitary nature of Sherwin’s home. Softly glowing with campfire and starlight, this tale is an inviting bedtime story and a gentle ode to kindness.” ―Booklist

About the Author/Illustrator:
Annelouise Mahoney has worked in animation for DreamWorks, DIC Animation, Sony, and Saban Entertainment. She has also worked as a colorist for Marvel and Image Comics on such series as Uncanny X-Men, Generation X, and others. This is her first picture book, and it was inspired by the depths of her daughters’ friendships and the many ways they are brave, especially with someone on their side. She loves to explore the forest, can’t resist a cave, and has a lot of love for all those named Julius in her life. Annelouise lives in Southern California with her family. Learn more about her at

Facebook: Woodland Abbey

Twitter: @WoodlandAbbey

Instagram: Annelouise Mahoney

Two Lions Giveaway Details:

Amazon 2021 giveaway_3 books

Five lucky winners will each receive three fabulous books celebrating the art of making and keeping friends, including Julius and Macy: A Very Brave Night, courtesy of Two Lions.

Details and entry form can be found here (US addresses).

Winners will be selected at random and notified via email. One entry per person, please. US addresses only. Entries are due by 5/1/21.

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Blog Tour & Giveaway for Agnes’s Place by Marit Larsen


About the Book:
Title: Agnes’s Place
Author: Marit Larsen
Illustrator: Jenny Løvlie
Translator: Kari Dickson
Pub. Date:  March 1, 2021

Beagles and Books is excited to be part of the blog tour for Agnes’s Place published by Amazon Crossing Kids which aims to increase the diversity of children’s books in translation and encourage young reading from a range of cultural perspectives.  Special thanks to the publisher and Barbara Fisch of Blue Slip Media for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


Young Agnes knows her home so well and the neighbors that live near her.  Everything is pretty predictable. 


So when Agnes sees a girl standing on the street below her looking up, her mind is full of wonder. 

“What is the girl looking for?” 

“Is she going to live here?”

From inside her apartment, Agnes quietly watched the girl and her mother move their things past her door and up the stairs all the way to the fifth floor.  Agnes decided to welcome the new girl by making her an invitation to join her on the swings and dropping it into her letter box.   But when the girl doesn’t come, Agnes is sad.  She tries to cheer up by feeding the birds but they fly right by Agnes’s window to the new girl’s window.   Why? 


Agnes was still full of questions. 

“Did the new girl see what Agnes saw?”

“Did she hear what Agnes heard?”

And the biggest question of all-Why was the new girl interested in everything else except Agnes?


So when Agnes get her neighbor’s newspaper, a task she always does, and finds the mailbox empty, the questions continue.  But later that day, on the steps, Agnes and the new girl finally meet.  And in that moment, Agnes’ worries and wonders disappear.  The new girl, Anna, leads Agnes up the stairwell until they reach the rooftop where Anna has made a secret nook that was meant to be shared.

While Agnes had a sense of belonging because she knows everyone’s patterns, likes and dislikes in her apartment building, it was clear that she was lonely with no other children around.  Løvlie’s detailed illustrations show not only Agnes’s knowledge but also her solitude. The predictability of her world changed the moment she first saw Anna on the street and then moving into the apartment on the fifth floor.  Her excitement is conveyed in both the words and illustrations, so as a reader, my heart for Agnes when her invitation is not accepted.  And for the first time, Agnes can’t explain someone’s behavior.  Why was Anna ignoring her?  

Larsen’s text and Løvlie’s artwork express both how Agnes’s home has changed all because of Anna. When Agnes’s seeks support from her neighbor Emilia, she replies ” we have all been new at one time or another. That’s a real strange thought for you perhaps.”  Emilia’s comment made me think there has not been a lot of change in young Agnes’s life which is why she is feeling uneasy.  At the end of the story,  when the two girls come face to face, my heart leaped because I believe the anticipation made their meeting more special.  Translated from Norwegian, Agnes’s Place is a sweet story that reminds us that life is always more enjoyable with surprises. 

Praise for Agnes’s Place!

“A love letter to new friendships and apartment living.” –Kirkus Reviews

About the Author:
Marit Larsen
is a Norwegian songwriter and musician. Agnes’s Place, her debut picture book, was first published in Norway and will also be published in Denmark and Italy. She currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. Learn more about the author at  and on Instagram: larsenmarit

About the Illustrator:
Jenny Løvlie
is a Norwegian illustrator. Her previous picture book, The Girls, written by Lauren Ace, was the winner of the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize. She currently lives in Cardiff, Wales. Learn more about the illustrator at and on Instagram: lovlieillustration

About the Translator:
Kari Dickson is a literary translator from Edinburgh, Scotland. In 2020 she won the Mildred L. Batchelder Award for best children’s translation for Brown, written by Håkon Øvreås and illustrated by Øyvind Torseter. She holds a BA in Scandinavian studies and an MA in translation.


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Review and Giveaway for Stella by McCall Hoyle


About the Book:
Title: Stella
Author: McCall Hoyle
Pub. Date:  March 2, 2021

Beagles and Books is excited to share a review and giveaway for the middle grade novel, Stella.  Special thanks to author McCall Hoyle for sending me an ARC in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

My Review:

“My name is Stella. I’m a beagle, and I was born to sniff.”

While all beagles have a keen nose, Stella has been trained to sniff out explosives. But after a mission went terribly wrong resulting in the death of Connie, her handler, Stella is haunted by the memories of that tragic day.  Retired of her duties, Stella now suffers from PSTD which is making it difficult for her to find a permanent home. 

Fortunately, Esperanza, a friend of Connie’s and world-renowned dog trainer offers to rehabilitate Stella to help her find a forever home.  When Stella arrives at Esperanza’s farm, she is warmly greeted by her daughter Cloe.  Picking up scents of cookies, grass, and books, Stella is reminded of Connie who read aloud to her and recalled these words-“you must be the thing you cannot do.”    But Stella also smells a sour or metallic scent unsure what it means.

From that very first day, Stella notices that Cloe gets her better than any other human since Connie.  While Stella is not happy to be sleeping in the barn, she does have the company of brave border collie Nando who moves closer to her crate when she is anxious.  Since it is sheep shearing season, Cloe successfully convinces her reluctant mom to let her work with Stella.  Cloe still has the strange smell that Stella can’t figure out, but it’s not strong every day.  On a trip running errands, the scent intensifies.  Stella tries to alert Esperanza as she witnesses Cloe having an epileptic seizure.   After seeing Cloe in distress, Stella is determined to not only be a good dog, but also brave like she was with Connie.  Can Stella persuade Esperanza that she is meant to be Cloe’s dog?

It is no secret I love reading dog books, but when I heard about Stella,  I was even more eager to read since the novel featured a beagle.  As I read the first page, I was excited to discover that the story is written from Stella’s point of view.  Having Stella tell the story allows readers to learn that she is indeed a great dog, but she is deeply traumatized by the loss of Connie and blames herself.  My heart hurt for Stella and as I read, I found herself hugging my own beagle, Bella, as a way to comfort Stella.

When Stella meets Cloe, she has an immediate connection with her.  Realizing the power of her nose, Stella knows she can signal Cloe before a seizure occurs.  Stella’s overwhelming need to help Cloe aids her in her rehabilitation, for Stella learns that she is not defined by what happened in the past and can be the thing you cannot do just like Connie said.  What charged Stella’s determination was Chloe because on their first walk together, Stella knew she could trust her.  Cloe also believed that Stella could do great things frequently telling her mother how smart Stella is.  Trust and belief gradually turn into love which makes Stella and Cloe’s relationship so heartwarming.

What I also love about Stella is its length.  Long novels can be intimidating to some middle grade readers so I appreciate that Stella is under 200 pages with well developed characters that you will root for, and an intriguing plot that makes the novel very difficult to put down.  Stella will make all readers fall in love with dogs especially super sniffer beagles!

Listen to a video message from the author, McCall Hoyle!

Check out the Reader’s Guide to Stella!

Click to access stella_readers_guide._mccall_hoyle.pdf


Beagles & Books is excited to give away an ARC of Stella courtesy of author McCall Hoyle. You can enter by retweeting my Twitter post or leaving a comment below. Giveaway ends at 10 pm on Friday, 2/26/21.

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Blog Tour & Giveaway for Allergic by Megan Wagner Lloyd & Michelle Mee Nutter


About The Book:
Author: Megan Wagner Lloyd & Michelle Mee Nutter
Pub. Date: March 2, 2021
Publisher: Graphix
Formats: Hardcover, Paperback, eBook, Audiobook
Pages: 240
Find it:  GoodreadsAmazon, Kindle, Audible, B&N, iBooks, Kobo,



Beagles and Books is thrilled to be hosting a spot on the ALLERGIC by Megan Wagner Lloyd & Michelle Mee Nutter Blog Tour hosted by Rockstar Book Tours.  All opinions are my own.

Publisher’s Summary: 

A coming-of-age middle-grade graphic novel featuring a girl with severe allergies who just wants to find the perfect pet! At home, Maggie is the odd one out. Her parents are preoccupied with getting ready for a new baby, and her younger brothers are twins and always in their own world. Maggie loves animals and thinks a new puppy to call her own is the answer, but when she goes to select one on her birthday, she breaks out in hives and rashes. She’s severely allergic to anything with fur!  Can Maggie outsmart her allergies and find the perfect pet? With illustrations by Michelle Mee Nutter, Megan Wagner Lloyd uses inspiration from her own experiences with allergies to tell a heartfelt story of family, friendship, and finding a place to belong.


In Maggie’s family, her parents are absorbed with getting ready for the new baby and her twin brothers have each other which makes her feel a little left out.   That is all going to change on her tenth birthday.  Why?  Maggie finally gets something to call her own-a dog!  But when she visits the shelter with her family and meets the puppy she wants to adopt, her body reacts differently than her heart.  Maggie’s nose itches and she can’t stop scratching.  Her dream of owning a dog is shattered when she discovers she is allergic to any animal with fur or feathers.  And while hopeful Maggie tries out non-allergic pets, none of them work out long term.

Not only is Maggie feeling lonely at home, but also at her new elementary school.  Fortunately, Claire, who is just one year older, moves in next door and she and Maggie become fast friends until Claire gets a dog.  Feeling betrayed, Maggie distances herself from Claire but after some time, she gets the courage to apologize and explain the true severity of her allergies.  Back to being besties, Claire helps Maggie secretly get a pet mouse but between her allergies flaring up again and her brothers sneaking into her room, Maggie is forced to say goodbye again.  Will Maggie find a way to come to terms with her allergies and her place in the family?

Inspired by her own experiences with allergies,  Lloyd’s text was honest and heartfelt which helps readers identify and connect with Maggie. What I loved most about the story is Maggie’s realization that she is an integral part of her family, for when her mother goes to the hospital, her brothers really need her and once her little sister is born, she feels an immediate bond to this new little soul. Nutter’s warm and dynamic illustrations bring Lloyd’s text to life, perfectly showing her feelings as she experiencing both heartache and joy.

I read a lot of children’s books and Allergic is the first book I have ever read that tackles pet allergies.  But the story is not only about Maggie handling her allergies.  It is a story about how to manage changes in family, school, and friendship–topics that lots of kids can relate to.  I  highly recommend pre–ordering Allergic to add to your home, classroom or school library!

Praise for Allergic!

“Maggie’s inventiveness as she overcomes these trials is showcased through Lloyd’s captivating narrative and Nutter’s bright and dynamic illustrations. The story provides insight into the lives of those with allergies and the accommodations needed to avoid serious episodes … A heartachingly enjoyable tale of resilience.” — KIRKUS REVIEWS, starred review 

Readers will root for this realistic and relatable fifth grader, who’s capable of kindness well as envy and self-doubt. Lloyd folds in information about allergy tests, anaphylaxis, EpiPens, and other facts that Maggie and her friend Sebastian, who also has allergies, recite to each other. Layouts rely on three to four large panels per page, creating a smooth visual flow; Nutter’s muted, uncluttered art has a cozy feel … Maggie makes new pals here—she’ll find even more friends in elementary and middle school libraries, where readers will easily identify with her trials and accomplishments.” – SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL 

“A fun and entertaining story.” — BLEEDING COOL 

“The perfect graphic novel for kids of all ages.” — FROLIC 

Allergic is the sweetest story you’ll read all year. A touching chronicle of a young girl’s severe allergies woven into a meaningful journey of friendship, family, and self-discovery.” — Terri Libenson, New York Times bestselling author of Invisible Emmie

Megan Wagner Lloyd (by Seth Lloyd)About Megan:
MEGAN WAGNER LLOYD is the author of several picture books, including Paper Mice, Building Books, Finding Wild, and A Fort-Building Time. She lives in the Washington DC area. Visit her online at

Website | Instagram | Goodreads | Amazon



Michelle Mee Nutter (by Greg Marquis)About Michelle: 
MICHELLE MEE NUTTER graduated with a BFA in Illustration from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Her work has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators, 3×3 Illustration, Creative Quarterly, and more. Michelle lives in Boston. Visit her online at

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Goodreads  


Giveaway Details: 
3 winners will win a finished copy of ALLERGIC, US Only.  To enter the giveaway, click the link below.

Tour Schedule:
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Allergic Tour - 03.10.21 - Varian Johnson & Shannon Wright
March 10, 2021 4:00 pm (PST) Hosted by The Reading Bug In conversation with Varian Johnson and Shannon Wright (TWINS)

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Blog Tour & Giveaway for Sadie Sprocket Builds a Rocket by Sue Fliess Illustrated by Annabel Tempest

About the Book:
Title: Sadie Sprocket Builds a Rocket
Author: Sue Fliess
Illustrator: Annabel Tempest
Pub. Date:  February 1, 2021

Beagles and Books is excited to be part of the blog tour for Sadie Sprocket Builds a Rocket. Special thanks to Two Lions and Barbara Fisch of Blue Slip Media for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


It all started with a wish to travel to space.  Sadie Sprocket was not just a dreamer, she was a doer!  And researching and learning no one has been to Mars, Sadie was not deterred.  Sadie’s confidence exudes in Fliess’ rhyming text and Tempest’s illustrations show that exploring outer space is her passion.


Sadie and her crew collaborate to build a ship out of recycled materials.  I love how on the first page spreads, her stuffed animals sit motionless on her bed and shelves, but as soon as Sadie proclaims her mission, the stuffed animals feel her energy and come to life to help her.  Kids see how teamwork truly makes the dream work, and the pride is evident on all the crew’s faces on launch day.



After landing on Mars, Sadie and her crew get right to work collecting and labeling samples to bring back home.   Kid see the importance of both planning and teamwork as the crew each has the necessary supplies to complete their task.  When they try to venture home, problems abound.  First, the landing gear is buried.  Then the rocket won’t start.  Sadie and her crew demonstrate problem solving, resilience, and resourcefulness in restoring power and successfully blasting back to Earth.  Once safely home, Sadie models one of the most important lessons of all.  Success means making new goals liking a trip to Neptune!

Told in playful quatrains, Fliess has written an inspirational story encouraging us all to chase our dreams.  What I love most is Sadie teaches us that dreams come true with planning, research, teamwork, determination, and problem solving.  And once a goal is accomplished, another idea can take its place.  Tempest’s bright and exuberant illustrations reinforce the positive themes. At the end of the book, Sadie’s notebook is included which shares facts about Mars as well as women in space.  Sadie motivates us all to be dreamers AND doers!

Praise for Sadie Sprocket Builds a Rocket!

“Inspiring, adventurous fun for aspirational kids.” —Kirkus Reviews

About the Author:

Sue Fliess is the author of more than thirty children’s books, including Mrs. Claus Takes the Reins illustrated by Mark Chambers; Shoes for Me!, A Dress for Me!, and Books for Me!, all illustrated by Mike Laughead; and Let’s Build illustrated by Miki Sakamoto. She lives with her family and their two dogs in northern Virginia, where they admire the moon, stars, and sometimes even planets from their backyard. Learn more about Sue at, on Twitter: @SueFliess, on Facebook: Sue Fliess Author and Pinterest: Sue Fliess

About the Illustrator:
Annabel Tempest
is the illustrator of a number of picture books and board books. She holds a degree in fashion and textiles and has worked as a freelance illustrator on everything from maps and packaging to greeting cards and children’s books. She lives in the beautiful Somerset countryside in the UK with her husband and a houseful of muddy boys and dogs. Learn more about Annabel at and on Instagram: annabel.tempest

Sadie Sprocket Builds a Rocket_Cover

Enter Beagles & Books’ Giveaway: 

One winner will receive a copy of Sadie Sprocket Builds a Rocket courtesy of Two Lions (U.S. addresses only). This giveaway is open from Friday, February 5, 2021 through Friday, February 12, 2021 ending at 10:00 p.m. EST.   Please note that book may take longer to ship so patience is appreciated.  Enter below or head over to my Twitter account, @lauramossa and retweet my Sadie the Sprocket blog tour post.

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It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 2/1/21


Bella and I are excited to share our latest reads in It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? #IMWAYR is a community of bloggers who link up to share what they are reading.  Kellee Moye of Unleashing Readers and Jen Vincent of Teach Mentor Texts decided to give it a #kidlit focus and encourage everyone who participates to visit at least 3 of the other #kidlit book bloggers that link up and leave comments for them.

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It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? 1/18/21

Bella and I are excited to share our latest reads in It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? #IMWAYR is a community of bloggers who link up to share what they are reading.  Kellee Moye of Unleashing Readers and Jen Vincent of Teach Mentor Texts decided to give it a #kidlit focus and encourage everyone who participates to visit at least 3 of the other #kidlit book bloggers that link up and leave comments for them.

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Blog Tour & Giveaway for Scooper and Dumper by Lindsay Ward

About the Book:
Title: Scooper and Dumper
Author/Illustrator: Lindsay Ward
Pub. Date:  January 1, 2021

Beagles and Books is excited to be part of the blog tour for Scooper and Dumper.  Special thanks to Two Lions and Barbara Fisch of Blue Slip Media for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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Review and Giveaway for Goldibooks and Wee Bear by Troy Wilson Illustrated by Edwardian Taylor


About the Book:
Title: Goldibooks and the Wee Bear
Author: Troy Wilson
Illustrator: Edwardian Taylor
Pub. Date:  January 12, 2021

Beagles and Books is excited to share a review and giveaway for the recently released Goldibooks and the Wee Bear.  Special thanks to author Troy Wilson and Running Press Kids for sending me an eARC in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

My Review:

I fell in love with this book on the very first page because a little girl thought books were as good as gold.  Me too! Why did Goldibooks love books so much?  Her parents instilled the love of reading in her.  And it gets better!  Each member of the family has their own bookcase and own reading chair.  Ahh! Pure paradise.  



Goldi and her parents aren’t the only ones who have a penchant for books.  Wee Bear is scouring the forest and the town for even the smallest piece of paper (not food). Why? Because he loves reading too! So when he stumbles upon a house and peeks inside, he spies those glorious bookshelves and cannot resist entering Goldi’s home.  In true fairytale fashion, both Mom’s and Dad’s books are not a good fit, but Goldi’s are just right.


Of course, you can’t enjoy reading on the floor so Wee Bear tries out the family’s chairs with Goldi’s being the best fit until…it breaks.  Oops. No worries.  Nothing better than snuggling up with a book in bed except for the fact you might be so relaxed that you fall asleep. As the illustrator of the IT’S NOT A FAIRYTALE series, I am a big fan of Taylor’s bold and lively artwork. I especially love the illustrations of Wee Bear, for after he jumped into a bush to glance into Goldi’s house, he is covered in twigs and leaves. 

As expected, when Goldi and her family arrive home, they are startled at the mess.  Who could be responsible? When Goldi and Wee Bear finally meet, he begins to explain but his parents interrupt him and they are NOT happy. 


It turns out that Goldi’s parents were scared of grown up bears and Wee Bear’s parents were scared of grown up humans. Thankfully, their mutual love for books changes both families’ mindsets and an important lesson was learned– If you can’t judge a book by its cover, you surely can’t judge an animal by their appearance.

As an elementary reading specialist, I can’t gush enough about Wilson’s clever retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I love that reading is presented as a social activity first with Goldi and her parents, then Goldi’s family and Wee Bear’s family, and finally, the whole town creating a community book club. Wilson’s message is simple but powerful. Books bring people together and are meant to be shared.



About the Author:
Troy Wilson is a picture book author living in Victoria, BC, Canada. Goldibooks and the Wee Bear is his second book/reading-themed fairy tale with Running Press Kids, preceded by Little Red Reading Hood and the Misread Wolf, which was illustrated by Ilaria Campana. His ninth picture book is due out this October, illustrated by Eve Coy and published by Candlewick.

About the Illustrator:
Edwardian Taylor was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. His character designs, storyboards, and concept art can be seen in mobile games, TV, films, and commercials. He is the illustrator of multiple children’s books, including Race!, written by Sue Fliess; the Toy Academy chapter books, written by Brian Lynch; and the It’s Not a Fairytale books, written by Josh Funk. He lives in Texas with his partner and their four dogs. 




One lucky winner will receive signed copies of both Goldibooks and the Wee Bear and Little Red Reading Hood and the Misread Wolf courtesy of author Troy Wilson. This giveaway is open from Thursday, January 14, 2021 to Sunday, January 17, 2021 ending at 10:00 p.m. EST.   Please note that book may take longer to ship so patience is appreciated.  Enter below or head over to Twitter,  follow Troy Wilson  @TroyStoryToo, and retweet my Goldibooks and the Wee Bear post.