Shark Nate-O by Tara Leubbe and Becky Cattie


Shark Nate-O by Tara Luebbe and Becky Cattie  Illustrated by Daniel Duncan

Nate LOVES sharks!  Because Nate knows lots of cool facts about sharks, his nickname is Shark Nate-O. But Nate has a one slight problem-he can’t swim.  How can he really be a  shark if he can’t swim?

Luckily, Nate has a plan-swimming lessons!  At first, swimming does not come easy to Nate, and he needs a lot of support and rescuing from Coach Debra.  But Nate reminds himself that sharks are fearless and he does not give up.  Soon Nate is ripping through the water like a speedy mako shark.  While Nate is proud that he can swim on his own,  his ultimate goal is to become a member of the Amity Sharks swim team like his brother, Alex.  Can Nate live up to his nickname Shark Nate-O?

I fell in love with Shark Nate-O immediately.  Nate is so likeable and relatable. He is so full of confidence until his brother reminds him of what he cannot do.  But what I love about Nate is that he takes charge to prove to his brother and more importantly himself that he can face his fear and learn how to swim.  Such an important lesson for children and adults.  Always reach for the stars or in Nate’s world, conquer the water!

An added bonus is Nate shares some of his shark facts at the end of the book, which will definitely encourage readers to research sharks on their own.  A very special thanks to Tara Luebbe for sending an advance copy of Shark Nate-O to Beagles and Books, which I will be sharing with my #bookexcursion group. Preorder now, for Shark Nate-O will be published in April 2018.

2 thoughts on “Shark Nate-O by Tara Leubbe and Becky Cattie”

  1. Thank you for the review! I have always wanted a beagle,but for many reasons never got one, so this picture is amazing. Thank you.


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