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When Your… Series by Susanna Leonard Hill Illustrated by Daniel Wiseman

What do you do when your elephant has the sniffles, your llama needs a haircut and your lion need a bath? Check out When Your…  series!  My #bookexcursion group was sent copies of the series in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.


When Your Elephant Has the Sniffles

Your poor elephant has the sniffles.  Taking care of him is a priority because when an elephant sneezes, it is serious business! After putting him to bed, hide anything that can induce sneezing and give him things that provides comfort.  He will get bored so plan fun things such as shadow puppets to keep him occupied.  But when you entertain him, be careful of your props. Because if your elephant sneezes, you may end up with the sniffles too!


When Your Llama Needs a Haircut

It’s Picture Day!  Your llama thinks his hair looks just fine, but you know it’s a mess.  So how can you convince him to get a haircut?   First, you have to catch him.  After washing and brushing, try out some different styles but simple is probably best.  But beware because you may end up with a haircut too!

When Your Lion Needs a Bath

Uh oh!  Your smelly lion needs a bath but cats don’t like water. How can you get him in the tub?  Sneakiness, preparation, and a bag of tricks are the keys to success.  But once you are successful in your task, be sure to close the front door!

While the suggested range is ages 3-5, Leonard Hill’s When Your… entertaining and amusing series would appeal to primary grade students. Here’s hoping an option to buy standard copies of the series will occur in the future. All the board books read like picture books exposing students to tier 2 words (distract, stubborn, and tempt) that enrich children’s oral vocabulary. Wiseman’s colorful and cartoonish illustrations will delight children especially the animals’ antics and facial expressions. Reminiscent of Laura Numeroff’s If You Give series, children would giggle all their way through listening or reading.

If you like the When Your… series, a fourth book, When Your Monkeys Won’t Go to Bed will be published in August 2018.

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