A Tribute to My Book Beagle Etta

etta quote

Saying goodbye to my book beagle Etta was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, but my heart is full knowing that she lived a happy & healthy life with us for almost 10 years. I was the lucky one because to have Etta’s trust & love was the greatest gift. Here’s some photos to commemorate this beautiful soul.

In June 2010, we met Etta while volunteering for an animal rescue transport.  She was underweight, which tugged at our hearts.  We know how much beagles love food!  While we didn’t transport Etta to the next stop, we couldn’t stop thinking about her.  I quickly researched to find out Etta’s final destination, which was Penny Angels Beagle Rescue in New Jersey.  After sending an email, completing the application, and getting approved, we drove up to New Jersey to adopt Etta that following Saturday, 6 days after meeting her.

After adopting Etta, she immediately had 17 teeth pulled and a couple months later underwent anal gland surgery. Etta would have 7 more surgeries which were mostly dental related. She was always resilient bouncing back each time.

Early on, Etta’s anxiety was apparent but pajamas always calmed her and of course, she looked so cute.

As Etta got older, we wanted to include her in our vacations. We had always wanted to visit Asheville because of the Biltmore but didn’t realize how dog friendly the area was. Etta enjoyed hanging out with us at Wicked Weed Brewing and of course, loved good southern cooking at Mayfels.

Etta Smile

If you knew Etta, she was sweet but very reserved. Here in the yard I was able to capture a rare smile.

Walks were a highlight of Etta’s day before she began to slow down. Etta was all business though never allowing me to stop and talk to neighbors.

Etta was an only dog for 7 years.  When we brought Bella home, we were hopeful that they would become companions.  It did not take long before Etta and Bella were a bonded pair.

I am most grateful that Etta helped me launch Beagles and Books.  What started as a #bookaday post on Twitter evolved into a weekly blog.  Her first Twitter post was Happy Dreamer by Peter Reynolds. Beagles and Books officially launched with my first  #pb10for10 celebrating dog books.


Thank you Etta for your patience posing for pictures and helping me share my love of books with the #kidit community.  Beagles and Books will always be a tribute to you. You not only left paw prints on my heart but also book prints.

Raninbow bridge

6 thoughts on “A Tribute to My Book Beagle Etta”

  1. What a wonderful tribute you’ve written here, Laura. Thank you for sharing how she came into your lives and what your collective journey was like. I know this will leave a huge hole for a very long while and she’ll be missed by all of your readers. Oh my, I really wish I’d brought Kleenex with me as I sat down to read blogs, this morning. What a beautiful soul! ❤

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  2. What a lovely tribute to dear Etta–it is never easy losing a beloved furry no matter how many times you go through it. I envision Etta floating across the Bridge on her angel wings, watching over you and your hubby…and of course her sister Bella. I will treasure her photo with my book “The Duchess and Guy,” which spotlights another rescued beagle. Thank you, Etta, for inspiring Beagles and Books…and thank you, Laura, for adopting her–there is no greater joy!

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