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Remote Learning Guided Reading Resources

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As a reading specialist, a good portion of my day is spent working with students who benefit from an additional opportunity of small group reading instruction.  Parents are working hard to provide a structure for their children to practice reading, writing, and math skills. Kids may also be engaging in inquiry and/or art projects.  With schools being closed, reading intervention is not as easy to replicate at home.  At my school, we use Jan Richardson’s framework for guided reading in both classrooms and intervention. To any parent who needs support in teaching and reinforcing early reading skills, here are some digital resources free for use.


Pioneer Valley Books BookBuilder Online

Bookbuilder Online is a yearly paid subscription but Pioneer Valley is generously offering free use of this tool through the end of May to help teachers and parents create engaging books for students to read at home.  Books can be personalized with the child’s first name and are available at Levels A through J, which is beginning kindergarten to end of Grade 1. Books can be printed or viewed on a computer or device. To sign up for your free account, click here.

Jan Richardson’s Guided Reading Website

Jan Richardson’s website is loaded with great resources.  Parents could take advantage of watching her brief video clips to help their child write their name, identify letters and sounds, spell sight words, and many other skills.  To view the videos, click here. 


JH Capture

Jack Hartman and Jan Richardson YouTube Videos

Jack Hartman and Jan Richardson have teamed up to make lots of great videos for practicing letter formation and letter sounds, sight words, and blending one syllable short vowel and long words.

Letter Formation & Letter Sounds

This video helps kids practice letter formation and reinforces letter sounds for all 26 letters.


Sight Words

I love these videos because they use the same sight word routine (What’s Missing and Mic and Fix) children use during a guided reading lesson. If you click on the playlist icon in the top right corner, you can access any links to any of the 84 sight words from Level A-Level I.


In October 2019, I contributed to Scholastic Parents article sharing strategies to help children learn and retain sight words.  Click link below to access the article.

Onset and Rime

These videos reinforce blending onset (the initial consonant or consonant blend) and rime (the vowel and any final consonants).





Digital Alphabet Tiles

Below are free websites where kids can manipulate letter tiles to make words. These website can only be used on PC devices. After you click the link,  Adobe Flash Player needs to be enabled.

As I find more resources, I will add them to this post.   If you have any questions or need support, please feel free to reach me by writing a comment below or emailing me directly.  Wishing everyone well!


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