Terrific Tongues by Maria Gianferrari Illustrated by Jia Liu

Did you know that tongues can be like a sword, straw, nose, whip or even a windshield wiper?   I learned so much from reading Terrific Tongues, an amazing non-fiction picture book which teaches readers fascinating facts about how tongues work in unique ways.

I absolutely love the format of this fabulous text.  Maria Gianferrari introduces each animal with an if and a might.  For example, if you have a tongue like a mop, you might be a…. (no spoilers). Readers turn the page to discover not only the animal but also a short description of how the animal’s tongue is similar to its comparison.

Jia Liu’s lively illustrations literally jump off the page;  I especially love the monkey’s facial expressions and emotions as each new animal is introduced.  Readers of all ages will enjoy Terrific Tongues from start to finish.  At the end of the book, there are additional facts about tongues, which will make readers tongue tied in astonishment. Tongues are truly and totally terrific!

A very special thanks to Maria Gianferrari for sending an ARC of Terrific Tongues to my #bookexcursion group. Preorder now, for it releases in April 2018.

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