The Problim Children by Natalie Lloyd


The Problim Children by Natalie Lloyd  Illustrated by Julie Sarda

When their family bungalow in the Swampy Woods blows up, the seven Problim siblings, Mona, Toot, Wendell, Thea, Frida, Sal, and Sundae (all born on a different day of the week), are homeless.  To make matters worst, sibling Thea keeps seeing sevens and “when you are a Problim and sevens start piling up, trouble is headed in your direction.” But oldest sibling Sundae reminds everyone of the family motto-every Problim is a gift. Thankfully, Sundae recalls seven years ago she buried the deed to their Grandpa Simon’s house, and views this document as their family’s new beginning.

On the very day the Problem children arrive in the town of Lost Cove to move into their Grandpa’s house, Number Seven is up on the auction block.  Thump, bump.  Desdemona O’pinion, owner of House Number Five, has been impatiently waiting for seven years to purchase Number Seven and does not want the Problim children thwarting her plan. As a compromise, the mayor decides that the siblings have 21 days to produce documentation that they are indeed Problims.  If they cannot prove their lineage, Desdemona’s threat to separate them and send them each to a different continent could become a reality. Thump bump.

While the siblings work together to uncover their grandfather’s secret and keep their family intact, one sibling Thea grapples not only with her relationship with her twin Wendell but also with her own identity. I must admit that Thea is my favorite Problim. Always viewing the old phrase “Thursday’s child has far to go” as a negative, Thea learns to think differently. Instead of trying to catch up, perhaps Thea can go anywhere she wants.

The Problim Children is a story that has it all-eccentric yet loveable characters, a family secret, magic, mayhem, a dastardly villianess, and last but certainly not least, over 200 types of toots.* You will laugh, cry, but most of all, cheer for the Problims! Collectively, the siblings teach us “when you are loved, you are never alone.”

Thank you so much Natalie Lloyd for sending an ARC of The Problim Children to my #bookexcursion group.  In true Priblim fashion, readers should pile up and pre-order now, for Problim Children will be released in February 2018.

*All courtesy of Toot Problem

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