My Must Reads in 2018

I have always been a reader, but 2017 was a BIG reading year for me. In June, I renewed my love for picture books and began sharing #bookaday posts on Twitter with my sweet beagle Etta. In July, I joined #bookexcursion, a group of 10 educators who share a passion for reading, sharing, and reviewing kidlit from picture books to chapter books. In August, I launched my blog, Beagles and Books with the help of Etta and shared my first blog post for #pb10for10. In September, I joined the kidlit blogging community to share my favorite weekly reads with #IMWAYR.

To launch 2018, it is only fitting to now add #mustreadin2018. I am joining Carrie Gelson of There’s A Book for That and community of other book bloggers. Thanks Carrie for the encouragement. I chose the following 20 middle grade books that I will make a priority to read this year. Some are books in my TBR stack that weren’t read in 2017, some are #bookexcursion ARCs generously provided by authors, and others are titles recommended by book bloggers I follow on Goodreads and Twitter.

As an elementary reading specialist, I also do not want to forget the importance of continuing to build my content knowledge for teaching reading; therefore, I have also included 3 professional reads to support my work with both students and teachers.

Let the reading begin!

15 thoughts on “My Must Reads in 2018”

  1. Be sure to read A Boy Called Bat soon because another is coming out! You’ve reminded me about Pashmina which I should have had on my list and I forgot. I love hearing about your wonderful reading year! Enjoy these books and others, too!

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  2. So pleased that you are joining our community Laura! Welcome. I really enjoyed Matylda Bright and Tender. A beautiful, beautiful book. I agree with Linda – A Boy Called Bat is fabulous and another one is published this year. Happy Reading in 2018!

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  3. I can’t believe you haven’t read A Boy Called Bat! Such a wonderful book. You have quite a few books on your list that aren’t on mine that I also want to read – The Dollar Kids, Wizardmatch, and The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl. I loved the first edition of Preventing Misguided Reading and want to check out this new edition. Happy new year of reading!

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    1. I know…Bat was one of the reason I made the list. It is a priority read especially before the sequel is published. I just ordered the next edition for Preventing Misguided Reading.


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