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My #MustReadin2020 Update



On January 1, 2020, I created my #mustreadin2020.  This is a list of middle grade novels all being published in 2020 that I wanted to make a priority to read.  Since school has officially ended, I can now relax, renew, and read.  Thanks to my fellow #bookexcursion member Lisa Maucione’s recent #mustread update post, now is a great time to take a look at my list and reflect upon my current status and progress.

I have read and reviewed 8 books  (47%)
I just finished reading 1 book. (6%)
I am currently reading 1 book. (6%)
I have 7 books left in my TBR stack. (41%)


Read (with links to reviews)
From the Desk of Zoe Washington by Janae Marks

Beginners Welcome by Cindy Baldwin

How to Make Friends with the Sea by Tanya Guerrero

Ways to Make Sunshine by Renee Watson 

Finally Something Mysterious by Doug Cornett

The Space Between Lost and Found by Sandy Stark-McGinnis

What Lane? by Torrey Maldonaldo

A Place at the Table by Saadia Faruqi & Laura Shovan

Just Finished
The Wonder of Wildflowers by Anna Staniszweski  (review to be posted on 7/6/20)

Currently Reading
A Dog Friendly Town by Josephine Cameron (August 2020)

Still on my TBR
The Midnight Hour by Benjamin Read and Laura Trinder (March 2020)
Any Day With You by Mae Respicio (May 2020)
Quintessence by Jess Redman (May 2020)
Brave Like That by Lindsey Stoddard  (June 2020)
Fly on the Wall by Remy Lai (August 2020)
Fighting Words by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley (August 2020)
Scritch Scratch by Lindsay Currie (September 2020)

Look for an update on my #mustreadin2020 progress in early September.   Do you have any #mustreadin2020 middle grade novels you wish to share?  Post any recommendations in the comments below.



7 thoughts on “My #MustReadin2020 Update”

  1. it seems like you’re pretty much on track with you #mustread list. I want to read A Dog-Friendly Town, too. I had two of my fourth grade classes Skype with Josephine Cameron for World Read Aloud Day. She was awesome! She sent me an arc of A Dog-Friendly Town, but students really wanted to read it so I had to lend it out before I got to read it.

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