A Review of Literati Kids Book Clubs (Month 1)

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Disclosure: Beagles and Books was provided a complimentary product in exchange for its honest review.

As an elementary reading specialist, I am frequently asked to provide parents with book recommendations.  Before creating a list, I always try to have a conversation with children about their interests which helps me recommend books I think they would enjoy reading.  But sometimes it’s tough.  When reading is challenging and not enjoyable, children will sometimes give me little to no information  My go-to solution is to share some of my own books to choose from in the hopes of gaining more insight, but this method doesn’t always work.  As I reflect, I feel that perhaps, my choice of reading material is still too narrow.  What was I missing?

Opportunity knocked when Literati Kids reached out to me and asked if Bella and I would like to receive a few months of their monthly book subscription box in exchange for honest reviews.  Before I said yes, I visited the Literati website and was immediately excited to see there are 5 options for kids’ book clubs:

  • Neo-newborn to 3 years
  • Sprout-ages 3 to 5
  • Nova-ages 5 to 7
  • Sage-ages 7 to 9
  • Phoenix– ages 9 to 12
  • Titan– 13 and up

It gets even better!  If you click on the club, more information is provided about the books curated for the club which helps if your child needs more reading support.  Since I work with a lot of children who are  transitioning to chapter book reading, I chose Club Sage which curates a monthly box with early chapter book series, simple graphic novels, nonfiction, and activity books.  

Nonfiction and activity books!  I was missing those types of books when I was recommending books for students.  My recommended reading list was pretty much all fiction;  Literati reminded me that cultivating independent readers is not only about reading picture books, chapter books, and/or novels.  Some kids may be more interested in reading an illustrated nonfiction book or an interactive book with games.  I appreciate this gentle reminder that reading comes in many forms and children should read whatever interests them.


What’s Inside the Literati Box?
5 expertly curated age-appropriate books, original art, personalized book-cessories, and more!  Upon opening my box, I was excited to find books perfect for transitional readers whom I work with daily.  The following items were in my box:


  • Battle of the Bad-Breath Bats (13th Street) by David Bowles
    13th Street is a series in Harper Chapters, a new early chapter book program.  All the books includes supports such as end of the chapter progress bars and full and half page illustrations for students transitioning to chapter books.  Kids will devour the 13th Street series because of its engaging characters and scary, fast paced plot.  I also love how #ownvoices author Bowles exposes readers to Spanish through not only dialogue but also after readers complete milestones as saying Chido! for reading 4 chapters. To read my full review, click here. 

  • The Great Pet Heist by Emily Ecton Illustrated by David Mottram
    This illustrated chapter book is a laugh out loud story about a dog, a cat, a bird, and 2 pet rats who are worried when their owner Mrs. Food is taken to the hospital after a fall.  What if she doesn’t come return?  Will they be sent to shelter and separated? With the help of other pets in the building, they plan a heist to become independently wealthy which will ensure their survival.  

  • Legend of the Star Runner (A Illustrated Timmi Tobbson Adventure) by J.I. Wagner Illustrated by C. Froehlich
    Timmi Tobbson is a new series to me and is a fresh take on the Choose Your Adventure series I loved when I was a young reader. At the end of each chapter, a question is posed.  Readers can use a mirror to read the hints to each question/puzzle located in the back of the book.  Magnifying glasses indicate the difficulty of each puzzle with 3 being the most challenging. The solution to each puzzle is revealed in the subsequent chapter.


  • Backward Science by Clive Gifford Illustrated by Anne Wilson
    What was life like before world-changing discoveries?  This nonfiction text is a time traveling guide taking kids back in history before inventions such as smartphones, the world wide web, vacuum cleaners, cars, electric light, and paper.
  • The Fifty States Activity Book
    Explore the 50 states through drawing, code breaking, matching, tall tale writing,  crossword puzzles, anagrams, and word searches.  Stickers and a large tear out map with the presidents and the state flags is also included. 


  • A collectible poster and magnetic bookmark featuring original art by illustrator Steve Adams
  • A bookmark and personalized bookplates

How it Works
As a subscriber, children receive 5 expertly curated age-appropriate books. I was greatly pleased to see the books were all recently published.  The subscription runs at $9.95 a month. You only get charged for the ones you keep. Children can touch, open, skim, and read a portion of each book to decide which are a good fit for them.  Keep the books they love and return the rest for free with the included pre-paid return shipping label.  Please know that Literati Kids books match or are less than Amazon pricing.

If you’re interested in trying out Literati Kids a try, click here for 25% off your first box or copy and paste this link into your search:

Bella and I sincerely grateful to Literati Kids for sharing this first book box in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 



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